Just Me Becky


well i keep getting asked why i asked to remove my app

well long story short i got tired of everyone on my list getting all pervy on me and stuff so i deleted everyone
slowly bringing people on i trust wont do that.

so i would like to reinstate my application if im allowed 
i enjoy playing with u guys and gals
i love dod and left for dead been having lots of fun playing with  u all

Peace out for now 

Lil MIss Becky


Thank-you for your application. We will get back to you.


If something like this happens or starts happening again, please don't blow it off, but bring it up to an admin or MP ASASP. This should not be tolerated on our server. Each and every female on here should be able to feel safe playing and having fun without being the target of male hormones.


Specifically, anyone with MP in their name or Recon, Trixie, Gangis, Nightrider, Mr Bill, or myself will put an instant stop to it. If we don't notice it PM any of us and it will stop.

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thank u all for ur support as of tonight i withdraw u wont see me again on server or discord 
trixie nice baby havea good time be safe
as for the rest of u had fun gl with ur life and games


What happened this time?


me i guess
got banned from deadside to so u wasted ur money

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