Joining Application goalie

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This is my application to join the HK clan.  I like the activity
and good wishes that I see in this clan.  It is family friendly
and does not denigrate other people.  You respect other people,
play fair, and have good variety in the choice of maps played. 
The admins keep things going and do not consider the server
as their private fiefdom.  A good and pleasant time for all.  I
was invited by Cyberdead, to whom I thank.  I started playing
DOD when it first came out as a variant of Counter Strike in the 
nineties.  I live in Forida near Disney world and am I tax 
accountant.  Hopefully, I can be of service to this clan.  Thanks
again for the invite.


Goalie please tag up with {HKReg} tag. And welcome

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