Hey all, I need a good gaming keyboard... I do like lights and stuff, but it must be versatile.

suggestions.. GO

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I currently am using the 104 green.  Very stiff keys and clicky but they good if you are a heavy handed keyboarder.

My fave of all time is the unicomp ultra classic.   This is basically the old IBM model M buckling spring.  Farily stiff and even more clicky, but they stand up to heavy use.  Mine lasted 15 years before I needed to get it repaired because a couple of the keys stopped working.

Those two aren't technically "gaming keyboards" but they work well for any usage, they just don't have the bling that a lot of gaming specific keyboards have.

The Corsair Strafe series is a gaming keyboard and it's pretty good.  They have it in several different key configurations from heavy to light, clicky or silent.

As you can see above, I strongly suggest a mechanical keyboard.  They last longer and stand up to heavier usage.  If you don't go with the Unicomp I would suggest sticking to Cherry keys.  They are a good balance between cost and performance, Cherry red or brown are the most popular for gaming, the green that I use was originally used only for spacebars but there  was demand to use it for regular keys by heavy handed people like me. You can go super expensive and get a topre keyboard but I have not tried one of those.  They are supposed to be the best, and they are priced like it.  There are a couple of Cherry knock offs the most popular of which is the Gateron, but I wouldn't use them.

If you can spend a little extra get one of these

and test the key options to see what's best for you.  Try clicking each key with all your fingers several times and see what feels best for you.  It also has the bumper o-rings that can reduce the clicky sound on some of the keys.  You can move the keys around in the slots to give a good feel for every key on each finger.


Good info, thanks man


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