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New Website Updates - {HK}HoLyCoW - 02-15-2015

Hello all. I apologize for the recent downtimes. Recon and I have been working on things for a long time.

I'm also sorry that this update has come to pass without warning, but as you all know, our website has been down more often lately and I believe it's due to some updates to the server software that NFO has made.

This update is HUGE as there are MANY MANY changes that have been made.

Some of which are:
  • Updated to PHPBB3
  • Got rid of PHPNUke (this was the main reason our website was down so often). PHPNuke was great software in it's time, but it's no longer being updated and the code that it uses no longer works on the updated server software.
  • New portal installed

Logins / Passwords should be the same. If you have any issues logging in, please email me at holycowzorz {AT} yahoo {DOT} com.

Currently, we do not have all the functionality from before, but I plan on slowly adding it back in. Please have patience with me while I work on this.

As well, please have patience with all of the admins as they all learn this new system.

Here's a list of things I would like to get done on the website at some point in the future:
  • Make it easier to get donations to recon to pay for the server
  • Get some fun things for the forums that would stimulate the community
  • Get a new shoutbox installed
  • Implement a roster/roll call feature so that the clan is easier to manage

Lastly, all of the old posts/PMs should have been transferred over. If you realize that a post/PM is missing, please contact me at the same email address mentioned above

I *do* know of one (minor) post that did not get transferred, but it will be addressed.

Thanks all.

Re: New Website Updates - {HK}recondesprayer - 02-15-2015

I want to say that HolyCow is an unsung hero. He has dedicated his time to manage the old web site and create a new site without many knowing of his efforts. I for one appreciate all he has done for this clan and can not say enough about how valuable he has been to not only me but to all of us. Thank-you sir, you are a gem in the green, and I can not sing your praises enough.

Re: New Website Updates - {HK}Gangis_khan - 02-15-2015


Re: New Website Updates - oldfart - 02-16-2015

Good Job! Well Done...

Re: New Website Updates - {HK}MightyMouse - 02-18-2015

Very nice work...much appreciated!

Re: New Website Updates - {HK}Nightrider - 02-20-2015

Holycow Great Work on the new site !!

Thank you in Advance, And again great job on the web site And for finding Boston's crap.

Re: New Website Updates - {HK}Mr. Bill - 02-22-2015

Our hat's are off to you Holycow Thanks for all your hard work.

Re: New Website Updates - {HK}recondesprayer - 04-02-2017

New news about the forums. Check the announcement areas in the private and public forums.