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Scrim night invite only sign up - {HK}recondesprayer - 07-15-2011

We will be doing an invite only scrim after this Saturdays scrim. Please post if you would like to be included in the invite and include a current email address. Keep in mind that everyone who signs up might not be invited. These scrims were designed for our pub players and clan members to have fun. We are trying to get it back to that level. [/i]

- {HK}Grimm - 07-15-2011

I will be willing to play

- {HK}recondesprayer - 07-15-2011

Clan members do not need to sign up. I will post in the private forums all the info you will need, but thank-you Mr. Grimm.

- Crazy_B - 07-15-2011

I love scrimming with the {HK} Family. Hope to be included.

- {HK}Gangis_khan - 07-16-2011

Well you all know i'm down for it. I may not be there for every scrim or may be late due to every day life. But I love the scrims and if I didn't run a server I would try out here Smile

- {HK}ChickenHawk-PF - 07-16-2011

would like to play

- KTTL_CRN - 07-16-2011

"Hi, this is me, this is my e-mail, and I'd like to play"

<TwD> KTTL_CRN, that's mah name and don't wear it out!

Lets get the scrim on!

speedie - speedie - 07-16-2011

You all know Im pretty dependable and I love scriming. <!-- e --><a href="mailtoConfusedpeedbump000@yahoo.com">speedbump000@yahoo.com</a><!-- e -->

- {HK}Grimm - 07-17-2011

{HK}ChickenHawk-PF Wrote:would like to play

recon said clan members dont need to sign up lol

Re: speedie - {HK}recondesprayer - 07-19-2011

speedie Wrote:You all know Im pretty dependable and I love scriming.

Hey speedie will west get his invite through you or does he need to sign up also? Let me know because if anyone gives out the password to someone who is not on the invite list then that person will not be invited again. Gangis if ibizarre is going to participate he needs to sign up. Also, make sure your email spam is shut off for today. You will be getting an email from <!-- e --><a href="mailto:hellskitchen_dod@yahoo.com">hellskitchen_dod@yahoo.com</a><!-- e -->. If you haven't received the email post here so we can get it resolved.

scrim - speedie - 07-19-2011

recon west will sign up on the forms so he can get the pw for himself, I am not teooing him the pw.

recon - speedie - 07-19-2011

sry 4 the spelling but it is hard typing with a broken finger

scrim - kingwing - 07-19-2011

west here for the scrimemail

- {HK}Gangis_khan - 07-20-2011

I will try to get ahold of him.. but I see his name on the e-mail.

- {HK}recondesprayer - 07-20-2011

Yes, I sent him the password. So hopefully he gets it.

- Cl!ckCl!ckBOOM - 07-20-2011

I want in please.

scrim Knight - RandyMan - 07-20-2011

I would like to play, please


forgot to leave my email - RandyMan - 07-20-2011

I would like to play...

- krudboy - 07-23-2011


- CHIEF - 07-24-2011

Can we tweak this a bit, once an admin or forum moderator has our email address it gets deleted from such a public place.

I want to be part of the invite and participate, but I don't wish to have my email be public for an endless amount of time.