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Hey - mason - 01-26-2013

I was banned on 1/26 around 4pm pst by moonface for hacking. The reason being I killed someone and then turned 45 degrees and was able to kill someone else. I have scrimmed with you guys about a dozen times.. I am admin on coors..play on SoF regularly as well as Dexworld.

I have been playing dod for a very long time... and realize my skill gets me into trouble, but I urge you to please don't ban skill, because it is discouraging for players like myself to get good at a game only to have it backfire.

I understand there is a demo of me.. I'd like to see it if possible.. and Id encourage you guys to get a few other opinions.... aimbot is extremely easy to spot.. because the users screen generally shakes and it otherwise unplayable.

thanks for your consideration .. free free to add me as a friend.. I am in the admin section of the coorsbud group. I will gladly discuss, provide screenshots and/or demos whenever you'd like.

UnBan - MOONFACE - 01-26-2013

You were banned by Rampage. Not by me.

Skill has nothing to do with it. If it were the case there would be alot of players not in HK's server.

Be patient until the MP's have a review of your request and a final decision is made.


- {HK}Rampage - 01-26-2013

at this time you will not be unbanned. After review, there are several questionable shots that where pulled off. Your riffle was glitching while you where being watched. I admit you are a good player, you know every corner every angle. For time being ban will remain in place.

- mason - 01-26-2013

Can you define rifle glitching? Not sure what you mean by that... Also can I have access to the demo?

- mason - 01-31-2013

Any chance you could post this demo? I'd like to be able to see exactly what you saw.. and I'd appreciate the chance to share it with others and get their opinions. Thank you.