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I would like to join HK - HotPotato - 05-07-2022

My name is Joel Storchan I live in Farmington Hills, Michigan.  I have been playing DOD since its inception.  I know a lot of the members from playing on scrims in ODS. 
I used to be a member of ODS.  I think I have a cheerful personality.  I have been in sales for more than 40 years.  I used to work for Dale Carnegie Courses and owned my own Manufacturing Representative firm selling to the automotive.

Well not to say the least, I was removed as a member of ODS for several reasons but many people still like me there.  I corrected my behavior, as I was insensitive to two people.  I continue to play there and get invited to scrims.  But I am not
asking ODS to be a member again.  I guess you can get recommendations from ODS members and the people I know in HK.  I will continue to play at ODS, and join HK when ever they are playing on their server.

Oh, I am an Electronic Engineer, and have repaired computers, phones, and networks.  I do web design and some CAD work.

Well that is my pitch.

"Potato Lives Matter"

RE: I would like to join HK - {HK}LocoYokel - 05-19-2022


Thank you for your application, we will present it and get back to you shortly.

PM me your email and steamid