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Maps - GOATSIGNAL-8 - 01-23-2022

Firstly, Big fan of the scrim nights.  Thanks for organizing and hosting them!
That being said, I'd like to see maps with more sheep and/or farm animals on them. Not just in the background but as integral parts of the map's play functionality.
For example; can we modify Flash so that the two capture points on either side of the middle are actually grazing livestock instead of boring flags? And when we cap them they can make farm animal sounds!
Also, please put a screen message during scrims that warns other players that they will be locked in a room where the only conversation if Foo complaining about hackers for an hour if they dare shoot at me during scrim...
That is all...

RE: Maps - {HK}LocoYokel - 01-28-2022

If you can edit the maps feel free to do so and we will look at them. It is not a simple task.

The message can be done but enforcement would violate the 8th amendment.