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question.. - {HK}ghostie - 10-17-2021

i haven't had access to private forums for a while... and no longer have amx mod permissions either not that i need to use them but its like im not a member anymore? i had both but was removed for some reason

RE: question.. - {HK}LocoYokel - 10-18-2021

I might be able to supply an answer if I knew the question. If not me, then maybe someone else.

RE: question.. - {HK}Gangis_khan - 10-24-2021

ghostie what is your steam id? and can you send it to loco or me on steam friends.

RE: question.. - {HK}LocoYokel - 10-31-2021

You should have private forums, the permissions are set. I tweaked it a bit to set them a different way so try it again. PM me your steamid and I can set you up as admin in the server, don't know why you would have been pruned if you had them in the past.

RE: question.. - {HK}ghostie - 11-12-2021

alright, I PM you my steamid, but no rush as I can't play right now. I hurt my wrist on oct 22 and am unable to use keyboard with my left hand. I have a appointment in early December to see neurologist, so I have no idea when I'll be able play again. which is why I haven't been around lately