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How to join a scrim? - LouisFranchet - 07-19-2021

Hello Hell's Kitchen Community,

Thank you for the invites to the scrims via e-mail.
However, I still can't figure out how the joining process works.

How do I join the DOD:S server ?
Is there any IP address?
And also, what time does it always start ?
There are no time indications in the e-mail. Only indications like "Tuesday night".
Many thanks in advance for your help.
Best regards
Louis Franchet

RE: How to join a scrim? - {HK}Gangis_khan - 07-19-2021

Hi Louis We don't play dod source we play classic dod here is the server ip Hell's Kitchen

Here are the days and start times.

Tuesday night 6:00 pst " passworded"

Thursday night 6:00 pst "open no password"

Saturday night 7:00 pst "passworded"

RE: How to join a scrim? - LouisFranchet - 07-20-2021

Thank you so much for your prompt reply! Looking forward joining the scrim!