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Introducing Oliver - {HK}LocoYokel - 05-22-2020

Let's all welcome the newest member of the clan, Oliver.

Here's the stats:

Name:      Oliver aka Lil Longy
Born:       May 17th 
Weight:    8 lbs 1 oz
Length:    20.5 in

Congrats Longy and Trixie.

[Image: OliverPuleo.JPG]

RE: Introducing Oliver - {HK}Sousa - 05-22-2020

Congrats guys Smile

RE: Introducing Oliver - {HK}StaceyAnne - 05-23-2020


RE: Introducing Oliver - Mistress - 05-23-2020

So Cute congrats u guys

RE: Introducing Oliver - {HK}goofyrain - 05-25-2020

Very too Nice...
I love little munchkins.

RE: Introducing Oliver - {HK}Gangis_khan - 05-25-2020

Congratulations you two.

RE: Introducing Oliver - {HK}trixie2013 - 05-25-2020

Thanks Guys and Girls!
Its been one heck of an experience so far. Nothing seemed to go right for the delivery. Unfortunately I wasn't able to be awake for the delivery due to complications and Longy wasn't able to be in the room either, but this little man is here and well. We are so in love with this little cutie!

RE: Introducing Oliver - Quiet_6 - 09-19-2020