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join clan - speedie - 04-15-2020

To all Hk members, I am asking to come back to Hk. I am deeply sorry if I in the past I  have hurt or made anyone feel bad for anything I may had said to them or about them. I deeply love HK and the members of HK. I can tell you if you will please let me come back you will not regret it. I also want to tell Trixie personally I am sorry if anything I said in the past offended you in anyway. Now if you hesitate because of my son I can promise you I will not interfere with you banning him and not wanting him on your server. I also promise if you don't vote my in I won't try asking again. lol. Please let me know how the vote turns out.

RE: join clan - {HK}recondesprayer - 04-16-2020

Speedie, we had this discussion.