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Regards to Recent Ban - johnny johnathon johnson IV - 11-21-2019

Good afternoon,

I recently started playing DOD again after taking about a decent break from it to go to college/play other games. Years ago I would play in the private HK scrims for fun as Millian with the email address nolan.john@earthlink.net. I am unsure of what happened, there were no warnings given. I capped the other team's first flag and was holding it while waiting for teammates to cap the 2nd (we had the 1st, 2nd, 3rd). I died, then immediately got banned. This was also my 2nd map during the public scrim. Me and my team were also in the middle of talking about the football game that was going on so nothing toxic was occurring.

IGN: johnny johnathon johnson IV

Warm regards,

RE: Regards to Recent Ban - {HK}recondesprayer - 11-22-2019

Johnny, I am trying to find out who banned you and get them to post a reply to you in this forum. Sometimes it takes days because not everyone reads the forums daily. Please give me a bit of time to locate that person.

RE: Regards to Recent Ban - {HK}LocoYokel - 11-24-2019

Johnny, I was the admin running the scrim and I banned you. It is now in review and a decision will be made and forwarded to you regarding the event.

RE: Regards to Recent Ban - johnny johnathon johnson IV - 01-10-2020

Any update?

RE: Regards to Recent Ban - {HK}StaceyAnne - 01-10-2020


I am one of the MP's who evaluated the demo that was taken during this incident, and it was very clear there was tracking through opaque walls.

Therefore, the ban will remain.


RE: Regards to Recent Ban - {HK}fergie - 01-10-2020

I have reviewed the demo and the ban stands.

Have a nice day!

RE: Regards to Recent Ban - {HK}LocoYokel - 01-10-2020

After review this thread is now closed.