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Full Version: So you want to kick our butts...
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Here is where you request the opportunity to take on some of the best DoD players around. Well....
Hello guys~ why you made your server private (password requesting)? What should I do/who should I be to be allowed to play in your server (when here's morning all the european servers are "sleeping", but yours (US servers) are "awake"Smile )?

P.S. I am a nice player.
Jesus you are posting in the wrong place go here and post your email so you may be invited. The way it works is on Tuesday at 6:30pm PST and Saturday at 7pm PST we have a private scrim in which we play two maps at 20 minute halves each and need a password, but on Thursday at 6pm PST we have an open scrim and no need for a password. Otherwise, the server is open to the public all other times.
I wan't to challenge all HK to a Saturday night scrim.... Just HK. 7/29/17