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i haven't had access to private forums for a while... and no longer have amx mod permissions either not that i need to use them but its like im not a member anymore? i had both but was removed for some reason
I might be able to supply an answer if I knew the question. If not me, then maybe someone else.
ghostie what is your steam id? and can you send it to loco or me on steam friends.
You should have private forums, the permissions are set. I tweaked it a bit to set them a different way so try it again. PM me your steamid and I can set you up as admin in the server, don't know why you would have been pruned if you had them in the past.
alright, I PM you my steamid, but no rush as I can't play right now. I hurt my wrist on oct 22 and am unable to use keyboard with my left hand. I have a appointment in early December to see neurologist, so I have no idea when I'll be able play again. which is why I haven't been around lately