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Full Version: How to join a scrim?
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Hello Hell's Kitchen Community,

Thank you for the invites to the scrims via e-mail.
However, I still can't figure out how the joining process works.

How do I join the DOD:S server ?
Is there any IP address?
And also, what time does it always start ?
There are no time indications in the e-mail. Only indications like "Tuesday night".
Many thanks in advance for your help.
Best regards
Louis Franchet
Hi Louis We don't play dod source we play classic dod here is the server ip Hell's Kitchen

Here are the days and start times.

Tuesday night 6:00 pst " passworded"

Thursday night 6:00 pst "open no password"

Saturday night 7:00 pst "passworded"
Thank you so much for your prompt reply! Looking forward joining the scrim!