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Is looking for the map that 3M did ae_grey
Can't find it in the server maps, does anyone have it?
If so Please contact Trooper or me as I will pass the info on.
I pretty much have all his maps. Unless of course it was on my 300gb hard drive that went tits up and I can't access. That is where all my mapping files were. I don't remember one called ae_grey, but I will look in what I have.
I remember a while back we voted it off the server becuase it was one we didn't play much. But I don't know if 3M played with it or not. I'll let Trooper know were looking.
Yeah I am pretty sure I have it. It was a big map with a walled area in the middle. AE clan asked me to make it based on a map from team fortress I think or other game.

I can re-work it if he wants me to change anything, let me know.
3M, I don't have that one in your collection. Would you send it to me when you have it fixed?
AE-Grey was a custom map I did for the AE clan. I will give you guys a copy but I dont feel comfortable moding it since they paid for it. If you want a similar map (not with one color) I will make it for you.
Ah, that is why I don't have it. DO NOT send it to me. If the AE clan paid for it then it should be exclusively theirs. Thanks 3M.
I agree with recon!

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